Renovating a bathroom can be as involved as you like, or you can just give it a light touch. After all, provided everything’s in working order, securely fitted and sealed and looks clean, it’s good to go. Right? Maybe for some, but bathrooms are an important room in any home. A room that everyone spends time in. Perhaps it’s time for you to spend more time and thought on how it looks?

With that in mind, the autumn upon us and thoughts of getting our homes shipshape for winter, let’s take a look at some new trends that could give your bathroom the wow factor.

Monochrome Styling

Around 10-15 years or so ago, bathroom designers dabbled with monochrome, but it didn’t catch on as well as other schemes. Fast forward to 2017/18 and it’s back with a bang. Perhaps it’s because different materials are being introduced to add some texture to the two-tone scheme. Or maybe it’s just because people are fickle and now they’ve decided they like it.

Whatever the reason, monochrome is an increasingly popular look across bathroom showrooms and in designer’s style books. That means if you’re searching for the right look for your smallest room, monochrome could be it.

“Bathrooms might often be a small room in your home, but when it comes to selling up or impressing visitors, it’s punches well above its weight,” said Rent Guaranteed Specialists, Assetgrove. “If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, do it properly and with style.”

Funky Floors

While a classic, clean look is in for bathroom walls and accessories, if you want to add personality, then the floor is your friend. It’s no longer a choice between the material you use for your bathroom floor. Colours and patterns are under much discussion, with some fun tiled designs on show.

“The right floor tile pattern can add a fun dimension to your bathroom, while keeping it clean and functional at the same time,” said Lawsons & daughters, Fulham estate agent. “Let your imagination loose on your bathroom floor and create a room that people can’t stop talking about.”

Avoid Disaster

Creating a bathroom you love and that you’ll be happy with for a number of years isn’t always easy. Indeed, for some home-owners, their grand ideas become nightmares as the result of their bathroom planning – or lack there-of – ended in disaster.

To avoid bathroom décor you’ll love to hate, make sure you always:

  • Plan carefully and consider how natural light will filter in.
  • Make sure you have enough space between each item in the room.
  • Select the right materials for the intended use.
  • Don’t forget about storage.
  • Employ a bathroom fitter you trust and who answers their phone.

Of course, even the best laid plans can go wrong. But, if you take the time to measure, plan and take advice, you’re doing everything right.

“Planning a new room or renovation takes time which can be frustrating when you’re desperate to get to work and install a wonderful new bathroom,” said Kubie Gold, Pimlico estate agent. “However, if you rush into the job without thinking everything through carefully, you’re more likely to run into problems that could become costly or delay the project. Much better to take the extra time in the beginning so you’ve got everything covered for when work starts.”

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