Taking steps to detoxify the body can help to counterbalance the effects of everyday convenience foods (and other habits which are bad for our health), but only if it is done correctly.  Eating the correct sorts of foods and drinking plenty of water and other healthy liquids such as green tea is only half the story.  The other half is getting a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is vital to the detoxification process as it is the time when the body does most of its internal maintenance, including its cleaning.  Therefore, detoxifying effectively means ensuring that the body gets plenty of quality rest and in many cases that means taking steps to deal with the issues which stop us from sleeping well, commonly summarized by the word stress.  Here are three ways to bust stress and give a boost to your detox at the same time.

Get a massage

Massage is renowned the world over for its ability to relieve stress and can offer many other health benefits besides.  Although there are numerous different kinds of massage, which are used in different contexts, they all work in basically the same way.  They manipulate the muscles in different parts of the body.  In so doing, the act of massage also stimulates blood flow, hence the redness some people see on their skin during or shortly after a massage.  Since blood is what carries both nutrients and toxins around the body, the former are delivered more quickly while the latter are expelled more quickly, hence assisting with the overall detoxifying process.

Use infra-red therapy

Many people will be instinctively aware of the healing and soothing power of heat.  A simple hot water bottle is a staple remedy for minor aches and pains and is safe for people of all ages.  There are many other ways heat is used to help with physical and mental conditions, from heat-producing muscle sprays to hot baths.  The Richway BioMat is one of the most exciting developments of recent years.  It combines the healing power of heat, specifically infra-red heat, with the conductive and calming properties of amethyst and negative ion treatment.  Infra-red heat is particularly beneficial for health as it reaches the core of the human body warming it, safely, from within.  As a result, it stimulates the body’s systems and hence encourages it to expel toxins.  This effect is enhanced by the negative ion treatment.

Modern homes are now often full of electronic devices and hence filled with electro-magnetic radiation (EMR).  Scientists have now accepted that certain types of EMR have a detrimental impact on health.  In particular, the LED lights, which are so ubiquitous these days, due to their low power consumption, are recognized as affecting the production of melatonin, which leads to feelings of fatigue and poor sleep quality.  At a basic level, EMR is essentially an excess of positive ions, hence negative ions can help to counterbalance it and, essentially, to detoxify the mind.  A bio mat session just before bed time could be the perfect way to clear body and mind and prepare yourself for a perfect night’s sleep.

Learn to love steam

Steam reaches the places that liquid water can’t – literally.  In particular, it gets into the lungs and respiratory system where it picks up any environmental pollutants and moves them out of the body.  Depending on where you live and what time of year it is, this could be anything from pollen to exhaust fumes.  Water only turns into steam where there is heat and this heat produces extra benefits.  The most obvious of these is that it encourages the body to sweat.  Sweating transports water from the core of the body, through the skin and then on to the outer body.  As the water travels it picks up toxins and, hence, as the water is expelled through the skin, it takes the toxins with it.  Heat also stimulates the body’s systems, in particular the circulatory system, which again helps to move toxins out of the body more quickly.  By contrast, it causes muscle tissue to relax with the result that the physical body feels totally at ease.  As the mind and the body are linked, this has a profoundly destressing effect, which is perfect for setting up a great night’s sleep.

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