Indulge Yourself In A Relaxing Bath With The Insignia INS3000 Steam Shower

Steam showers have long been associated with fitness centers and health spas. The undeniable popularity of these systems among consumers, both men and women, has prompted manufacturers like Insignia to create a unit that can be used at home. Gone were the days when you had to drive your way to the nearest spa center just to get that relaxing bath. Say goodbye to the tedious routine of having to force yourself to go to another place after having a long and tiring day at work just to relax. You can enjoy the comfort that this shower cabin provide at home.

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A Brief History of Shower Enclosures

The concept behind this system is not new. It was believed to have evolved from what they previously called a steam bath. Its origins could be traced back to the height of the Roman Empire. If you check out the history of the ancient Roman culture, you will find that bathing played an important role in their society.

Apart from being one of the most common daily activities performed, it was carried out by different social classes. Unlike today wherein bathing is a private routine conducted inside the home, bathing during this era was a communal practice. The Romans, particularly those who are wealthy, bathed in places called thermae, which is similar to what we see in a health spa these days. While treating their selves on the refreshing effects of the steam baths built on natural hot springs, they also use this time for courtship and business deals.

A Quick Overview of Steam Baths

A growing number of homeowners are recreating the experience they get from a health spa at home by turning or even replacing their conventional shower stalls into a vaporous haven that we refer to as steam showers. Apart from the health benefits that this unit can offer, homeowners can easily switch from a refreshing steam bath to a regular and refreshing rinse.

The unit comes with digital controls that grant you full control over the entire system. Once you hit the buttons intended to start the steam feature, an electric valve is triggered to fill the steam generator with water. The process works like a plug-in teakettle wherein the water is brought to a boil. The hot vapor created is then channeled to the steam head, which will then fill the entire stall with the tropical moisture.

Installing this type of steam shower may require the help of professionals who know there way around it. Of course, you need to choose a dealer who can provide you with the best steam cabin for your home. This leads us to our main topic, the INS3000 manufactured by Insignia.

Insignia’s innovative steam cabins

Before we talk about the INS3000 model, let us first get to know more about Insignia, the company that manufactured this model.

Insignia is the U.K.’s fastest growing manufacturer of steam showers and hydro-massage shower enclosures. It dominates the country’s market for shower cabins because of its innovative and high quality systems. Both high street shops and online retailers distribute insignia’s products. The company’s main distribution center is located in Milton Keynes but it also has showrooms in other areas like Doncaster and Birmingham.

A Short Description about the Insignia INS3000 Steam Shower

Insignia’s INS3000 version is 900mm wide, 900mm long and 2220mm high. This white quadrant steam shower is a perfect addition to your home. It fits right into any corner of your bathroom and possesses a clean yet glamorous look.

AMI system

INS3000 comes with Insignia’s patented aromatherapy modular injection. This unit, along with the other products created by Insignia, comes with this feature. If you check out other shower enclosure, you will see that Insignia’s cabins are the only ones that have this injection based system. The AMI feature allows the user of the unit to use essential oils and have it infused into the steam generated by the enclosure. Apart from featuring AMI, Insignia has also developed four unique scents: Relax, Indulge, Sport, and Tranquil aromatherapy to be used in conjunction with the steam.

Ozone System

Another great feature that the INS3000 boasts about is its Ozone system or O3 system. Let me give you a quick introduction.

If you remember, oxygen gas is commonly known as 02. Ozone, although quite uncommon, this can be considered as a brother of 02. Although they share some similarities, they also have one distinct difference. One particular distinction, which is related to their structure, is that the ozone has one additional oxygen molecule attached to it. It is reactive, volatile, and offers several health benefits.

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Ozone, which is characterized as energizing and highly sensitive, quickly reacts to pathogens and viruses. It makes this beneficial for users due to its health and therapeutic properties. Back in the days, the ozone system was used by Germans to treat skin disorders. Today, it is being used prevalently in Europe. Manufacturers are trying to find ways to infuse Ozone into the human body and that gave rise to its integration into steam shower enclosures. They are also incorporated into saunas and other similar systems.

The combination of Ozone and a steam enclosure aids in toxic elimination. When a user gets inside a unit that has an ozone system, his or her pores widen, which forces toxic substances to come out of the body through the sweat glands. Chemical pollutants and harmful bacteria in the body are also eradicated through the same process. Ozone also oxidizes waste products and then eradicated.

Not all these may be noticeable as you enjoy your steam shower, but you can be assured that this is what Ozone does to your body.

Steam Timer

We all know that taking a shower or soaking in the tub makes us all sleepy. Because of this, Insignia thought of adding a steam timer to the INS3000 model. Although there is nothing wrong with a taking a quick nap, the timer will prevent you from sleeping to long inside the shower with steam all around as it may cause irreparable skin damage. Your skin can become dry if you stay inside the enclosure for a long time, and this may lead to your skin breaking or being damaged easily. The steam timer will instantly turn off the steam generator, which is responsible for the production of steam inside the cabin.

LED lights

The LED lights of the INS3000 version are located in the roof enclosure and on the upper part of the column. With the system’s white back panels, the light produced gives a tranquil glow that allows you ease off as you take your bath. Apart from the mood that these lights help induce, it also aids in improving the visibility inside the enclosure. These tiny lights offer great illumination while consuming less power.

1-minute Fast Start Steam Generator

Earlier, we have mentioned that the steam generator is responsible for the creation of the water vapor, which is a vital part of the INS3000. The unit’s features a 1-minute Fast Start Steam Generator. The name itself can tell you that it jumpstarts the system quickly. Within 60 seconds, you will get to enjoy the calming effect of indulging in your own steam shower. Once you are done, you will surely feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the pressure the following day.

Tempered Glass

The INS3000 also uses tempered glass. This type of glass is perfect as it cools quicker than the other types. It is also four times stronger than annealed glass that comes with the same size and thickness. It also possesses more tensile strength, which means it can bend without the risk of breaking. Also, if in case in gets broken, the glass shatters into cubes and not shards, which makes it a lot safer especially for those taking a bath inside a unit that is surrounded by glass.

All these are only a few of the many features that you will get to enjoy if ever you decide to buy Insignia’s INS3000 steam shower model. You may also want to check out the other great products that this company has to offer. What are you waiting for? Add this lavish system to your bathroom and enjoy its rejuvenating effects.

We take a look at the extremely popular steam shower model, the INS3000 by Insignia and give it a full review and look at whats on offer

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