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What is a steam shower?

Steam showers have the functionality of a standard shower but have added features such as steam jets, chromotherapy lighting, monsoon shower heads and a hand-held shower head all contained in a sealed cabin. A steam shower gives the experience of being in a sauna or a steam room in your own bathroom setting.

These units can be quite imposing style statements and in most newly built homes they can be quite large home appliances. Insignia a leading manufacturer of shower units have developed a compact unit with some of the best, bigger features of leading steam shower models. The insignia INS9012 is a compact therapeutic alternative to the standard shower cubicle, bath or an over the bath shower. No longer do smaller bathrooms have to compromise on having luxury installations brought on by restrictive bathroom sizes.

Introduction to the Insignia INS9012 Steam Shower

The INS9012 steam shower cabin standing at 800mm x 800mm x 2200mm (W x L X H) is a compact shower room designed to offer a steam shower solution to spaces where space is at a premium. The unit still offers ample head space for even the tallest of family members. The INS9012 has a removable synthetic wooden floor and a matching synthetic wood finish stool meaning you can sit back, relax and indulge in the warm steam. This adds to the contemporary styling and means that the practicality of the shower should complement most bathroom styles.

A chrome finished multi-functional mixer faucet thermostatically controls the shower giving complete, efficient control of the temperature and the pressure of the shower. The chrome finish continues on all the fixtures and fittings giving a clean, fresh and modern finish. Fitted with Easy Glide Doors with a Magnetic Closing securing the steam and water inside the cabin makes an efficient and problem free addition to bathrooms. Tinted tempered 5mm glass makes this shower cabin look stylish and modern in most bathroom settings.


The shower comes with two glass shelves built in which ensure that whilst you have style you are not compromising on practicality and there is ample storage for all your bathroom products at hand.

The overhead monsoon rain shower head that is installed into the ceiling of the shower cabin provides more head room inside the cabin. The pressure of the rain shower head gives a maximum relaxation experience and complete soaking to the body of the user and offers an even dispersion of water. There is also a chrome finished hand held microphone style handset located on the back panel attached to a height adjustable riser making it suitable for whoever in the family wish to use the shower be it for a complete shower and shampoo or just a quick body wash.

As with the majority of Insignia models the INS9012 comes with the one minute fast start steam generator system meaning that whenever the desire for a quick steam takes you, whether it’s a quick dash in the morning or whether you are looking for a slow steam before heading off to bed, the one minute fast start system means you can maximise the time you have available.

Bluetooth connectivity

Enjoy listening to music or the radio whilst you bathe or shower? This unit has inbuilt FM radio so you can tune into your favourite radio station or listen to the news whilst you take your morning shower. Looking to take a little longer and have a steam and relax, then wirelessly connect your tablet or smartphone to listen to your favourite playlist or download and listen to a podcast and catch up on the radio programmes you missed or sit back and relax and listen to that special programme featuring your favourite artist as you steam away the stresses of your day.

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What is the control panel for?

The Insignia M Bluetooth active touch screen control panel is present on this model and this controls the Bluetooth connectivity, volume functions, the FM radio, the lights, the AMI system and the steam. The ceiling of the shower cabin has LED white lights creating an ambient setting for you to indulge in your shower experience, this also makes it suitable for smaller ensuite bathrooms as this provides ample lighting to ensure you can enjoy your experience.

This model is also complete with two inbuilt speakers amplifying any sound experience you have.

What is the AMI system?

Despite being a more compact model the INS9012 crams in many of the features of the larger models. Insignia have the AMI system, this is the Aromatherapy Modular Injection system. This system allows you to experience fragrance infused steam clouds as you have your steam shower. Just add a few drops of the Insignia essential oil blends directly into the steam and fill the cabin with a burst of fragrance adding to the spa experience.

Insignia have developed their own blends of essential oils that are fully tested and certified to be safe to use with their showers without causing damage to the shower or steam generator. Each oil has multiple uses and purposes and demonstrate the benefits of steam showering combined with aromatherapy and the capabilites of their steam shower models. These oils are designed to help create a mood or even helping with a health issue. For example, aromatherapy has been shown to assist in relaxation and healing and to promote sleep. Using a few drops of the Relax or Tranquil blends in a steam infused shower just before bed could help promote a good night’s sleep.

There are four key blends that Insignia have designed for use with the Tri Jet Steam system in their showers. These blends demonstrate the versatility and the many benefits available through the installation of a steam shower cabin over a traditional shower. The Sport blends energises the body or the Indulge blend that really allows you to make the most of the Tri-Jet steam system as you experience a full body massage experience and take that little bit longer to enjoy the overhead monsoon shower head and massage jets.

What is the Tri-Jet steam system?

This system ensures you have an invigorating steam while you sit back and relax and let the 3 steam outlets delivery a constant and even spread of steam. The Tri-Jet System provides you with efficient steam dispersion, with multi directional openings giving a total body emerging experience. The wooden stool that comes with the shower fits comfortably in the unit and guarantees comfort in the shower cabin and sufficient space to manoeuvre. The stool allows you to sit back in any location and angle of your choice and indulge in the experience as the steam clouds drift your troubles away.

Installation of an Insignia INS9012 Steam Shower

This model is delivered as a flat pack unit and distribution of the finished products come from the distribution centre in Milton Keynes. The shower model is considered to be a DIY installation project. The new build system is designed to make it easy to install, with the pieces of the unit assembled together as efficiently as any piece of flat pack furniture or standard enclosure. To support the installation, Insignia have developed and written their own consumer build manual, they have written guidance to ensure that the customer needs have been understood.

The base is made from acrylic with a steam frame and adjustable feet. To install the self-assembled model, the water pressure needs to be checked to ensure its suitablility. The required water flow needed is 14/16 iltres of water per minute flow rate. If you are installing into a low water pressure system you need to ensure you have a pump with 2.5 bar pressure fitted to ensure correct pressure and flow in the system. If you do need to fit a pump this would need the assistance and guidance of a plumbing trade professional.

The INS9012 is compatible with hot and cold water systems and the model is also compatible with any combi boiler system. As well as the build manual, there is a customer service team available and a technical support line, this is available during and post installation.

The unit requires installation to an electricity supply via a 13-amp fused spur. The unit is also fitted with an RCD for safety.

Hygiene and Cleaning

There is a drain in the tray to ensure swift drainage of excess water. The synthetic wooden floor which can be removed which makes it an easy to clean unit. The INS9012 steam shower comes complete with the Insignia Ozone System (O3) antibacterial sterilization system installed which automatically comes on after the unit is powered down. This system maintains the cleanliness and operation of the unit and promotes the longevity of the shower.

Luxury pack

With each purchase Insignia supply a luxury pack to help create a spa like experience. The pack includes an Insignia branded luxury waffle bathrobe, and Insignia branded sports shower gel and their own crafted shower gel. The pack includes Insignia’s sealant for the horizontal joints, Insignia’s own ‘Rubber Gum’.

Quality Assurance

Insignia research, design and develop their products from scratch in partnership with their factories. Insignia state that they monitor their manufacturing processes for quality to ensure they meet all standards. The INS9012 is approved by the quality certification ISO9001. It is also CE certified for additional quality.

The products are researched, designed and developed from scratch. Insignia state that the process is monitored for quality of electrics and parts to ensure that the electrics meet and exceed all standards that govern the build quality.

The INS9001 comes with 12 months’ parts only warranty, thought this warranty can be extended upon registration with Insignia up to 5 years. The warranty coverage period commences when the shower units upon delivery or collection and covers the parts only and not the installation or costs due to the unit being a DIY item.

Why should I get one?

A steam shower can help create a spa like experience at home and creating a statement in your bathroom. This shower cabin is perfect for smaller bathroom spaces, a sleek and slender unit this shower cabin can fit into most bathrooms. The INS9012 is finished with chrome accessories and mirrored back panels helping to create a sense of space as well as style and reflecting the light around the shower cabin adding to the overall ambience.

This model allows even the smallest of bathrooms to be luxurious and not compromise on a steam shower experience. This model still includes the key features enabling the user to have an aromatherapy steam shower experience and not limit smaller bathroom household to non-steam showers. A compact shower for all the senses that delivers on quality and luxury whilst being economical on price and space.

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