The Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 by Vidalux is designed to be the heart of any bathroom. At 800 x 1200, it’s probably better suited to a place in the main bathroom than to being in an en suite. The fact that it is available in left- and right-handed options makes it easier to find a suitable location for it as does the fact that the self-contained nature of shower cabins means that they can be placed adjacent to any wall without the need for it to be tiled. The Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 offers another advantage in this regard in that the rear panels are opaque. They are available in either crisp white or ocean mirror glass. This means that if you have a wall in an unsightly condition, maybe one where existing tiling has been damaged by leakage from a wall-mounted shower, and you don’t have the time or energy to deal with it right now, then you can simply use the Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 to camouflage it for as long as you need.

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Since bathrooms are as individual in style as their owners, the Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 has been designed to fit right in wherever it goes. The overall look of this shower is both elegant and simple. The white or mirrored back panels are complemented by transparent front panels, which are seamlessly linked through the use of metallic elements for the frame and interior. The look is timelessly classic and as such will fit into both traditionally-styled bathrooms and highly modern ones. If a purchaser would prefer to add a little colour and perhaps a touch more fun to their Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200, there are plenty of window decorations available which will work just as well on the glass panels.

As well as looking good, the Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 is also built to last. While the clear glass panels allow plenty of light to pass through and therefore help to give the impression of spaciousness in a bathroom, both they and the coloured rear panels are actually made of robust safety glass, so you can rest assured that they’ll stand up to regular use in a family bathroom. The glass doors are on quick-release runners, so they can easily be opened by smaller users. Larger users, meanwhile, will be happy to know that the base is made of reinforced acrylic and sits on a steel frame with adjustable feet for optimum stability. Acrylic is an excellent choice for high-quality showers as it offers great resistance to stains and scratches. It also stays warm to the touch (neither heating up nor cooling to any great degree) so it is always pleasant for feet. On the subject of feet, the low step into the Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 is much easier on older limbs than clambering in and out of a standard bath.

Vidalux is a long-standing and respected player in the shower industry, having been in business for about 15 years. You can therefore rely on them to be still in business for the duration of the standard warranty (2 years) or even the extended warranty, which is available upon request.

Key Features and Benefits of the Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 Shower Cabin


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The primary purpose of the Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 is to serve as a shower, which is why it is equipped with two shower heads. The one which is most clearly visible when looking into the shower cabin is the hand shower. While this is actually the accessory shower in the Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200, it is a high-quality shower in its own right. Mounted on a riser, it can be easily adjusted to the height of any user and offers three power settings, from a “get-rid-of-the-cobwebs” blast to a light, caressing mist via a standard spray. It’s great for quick cleans, be they on humans, pets or household items or for people for whom the monsoon shower is a bit more than they feel they want. You need to step into the shower cabin and look up to see the monsoon shower head in the roof enclosure. Turn it on and you’ll feel like you’re being gently drenched in a warm, tropical rainstorm. On the left side of the shower (looking in) there’s a conveniently-placed glass shelf, where you can put your toiletries off the floor and ready-to-hand. Pick the scents which best complement the mood you want to evoke and take your showering experience to a new level.

Of course the Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 isn’t just a shower, it’s a hydro shower. What that means in practice is that there are three hydrotherapy jets located along the central column. These are multispray jets and hence provide a far better level of performance than their single-spray counterparts. They are the perfect “in home massage therapist” for people suffering from life’s aches and pains, whether that’s from poor posture at work, exercise or just the ageing process. Even if you’re fortunate to have none of the above, they’re still a real pleasure to use.

The jets are strategically located so that they can be used effectively regardless of whether the user is standing or sitting. You can add your own seat to the Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 if you wish, but it does need to be optimized for use in a wet environment, which means that wood is unsuitable (since it is likely to splinter and rot) and you also need to be careful with metals (due to rust). For optimum comfort and safety, we would therefore suggest that you consider one of the seating upgrades available through our site. We can offer a free standing stool made of synthetic wood with rust-proof metal legs or a “cabin-style” flip down seat. Both are chic as well as robust and will last as long as your shower.

Speaking of safety, regardless of which functions you are using, the water will always be kept at exactly the temperature you choose, thanks to the fact that it is thermostatically controlled and the thermostatic cartridge has a Vernet wax element.

Having established that the Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 is full of health-and-wellness functionality, it’s nice to know that it’s also full of entertainment functionality, which also has a health-and-wellness touch. The unobtrusive but intuitive control panel at the top of the central column is the place to access them. Use the chromotherapy lights to scroll through different colours to keep you amused in your shower or pick the one you feel is most suitable for the way you’re feeling at that time. The importance of colour in our lives is now being increasingly recognized and changing the colour of the lights in your shower is much easier than changing the colour of the paint in your house.

Music is also a great way to improve your mood, which is why the Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 comes equipped with an FM radio. FM is expected to be broadcast throughout the UK for the foreseeable future since it not only offers better reception throughout the country, but also offers consistency of reception throughout a home and requires less power than DAB. The radio offers all the functionality you would expect, including the ability to pre-set channels. The radio plays through a high-quality speaker in the roof enclosure. It has been specifically chosen for its ability to provide clear sound even when the shower is in full operation. Because of this, you also have the option to listen to content based on the spoken word, such as (sports) news and radio plays and you’ll be able to follow what is going on without any problems.

In addition to the FM radio, the Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 also has a bluetooth connection for you to listen to content on your smartphone or tablet or to use your home WiFi to access the internet for even more content. Your precious mobile device is quite safe from splashes and steam as both are kept safely inside the cabin doors.

When you are finished your shower, turn on the extractor fan for a short while, to disperse any remaining steam and then start the ozone cleaning function. Close the doors and let your Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 clean itself without any effort on your part.

Technical Details Of The Vidalux Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 Shower Cabin

Water-pressure requirements

When using the Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200, the pressure must always stay above 1 Bar (it will continue to operate below 2 Bar although the shower’s functionality is likely to suffer) and must be kept below 3 Bar as pressure above this level is very likely to cause damage, which will be outside the scope of the warranty. These days, most household water systems are mains fed and will be able to cope with the minimum level easily, but gravity-fed systems may require a pump to be installed. Mains fed systems, by contrast, may benefit from having a pressure-reducing valve fitted. In hard water areas it is strongly recommended that the purchaser fit a water softener as limescale damage is excluded from the warranty. The minimum flow rate is 7.5 litres per minute.

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A qualified electrician must connect the Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 to the mains for the warranty on electrical components to be valid. This is also likely to be a requirement of the home owner’s insurance and possibly also of the law.

Due to its size, the Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 will be delivered in several boxes. One of these boxes will contain an installation manual, which includes a checklist of the included items. The home owner should confirm that the contents of the boxes is as indicated on the list and contact Vidalux in the unlikely event that any items are missing or damaged. Provided that this is done within 48 hours of receipt and before starting to assemble the shower, Vidalux will be happy to provide replacements if necessary. The manual also contains a sheet with details of the installation, which will need to be completed and submitted to activate the warranty. Home owners are strongly advised to retain this and ideally to keep a scanned copy as a back up.

The Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 comes with a step-by-step installation guide which includes a list of the tools and materials required to assemble the shower (essentially a standard household tool kit plus sanitary silicone, isolation valves and flexible, braided hoses). An experienced DIYer should be able to put together the Sensual Spas Hydro Plus 1200 without any problems, although they will need a second person as an extra pair of hands. Alternatively, it should be very straightforward to find a tradesperson to assemble the shower for you.

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