Big and beautiful, the Sensual Spas Miami 1050 steam shower by Vidalux is of a size which makes it more suited to a main bathroom than an en suite. In fact, this is the perfect upgrade to turn a smaller bathroom in a flat into a fully-featured health and wellness haven or to replace the bath in a family bathroom without anyone missing it, thereby opening up floor space for other purposes.

For all its spacious size, the Sensual Spas Miami 1050 has an elegant and refined appearance with clean and crisp lines. The front panels are clear glass and the rear panels come in crisp white or ocean mirror glass. The classic but contemporary styling means that the Sensual Spas Miami 1050 can be easily incorporated into an existing bathroom and will always look great no matter how many times you change your decoration.

Of course, an investment piece such as the Sensual Spas Miami 1050 is expected to be robust and long-lasting as well as attractive. That’s why the paddle tub, which also functions as the base of the shower, is made out of reinforced acrylic. These days even standard acrylic is very strong, reinforced acrylic is even stronger, all the more so because it has a steel frame and adjustable feet to ensure stability. As well as being strong, acrylic is also resistant to stains and scratches, which is always helpful is an appliance which is designed to be used day in and day out. It is also warm to the touch, which is always nice for feet. The glass panels are made of safety glass and the doors runners are strong but quick release, making them both safe and easy to use.

The Sensual Spas Miami 1050 comes with the backing of a two-year warranty (which can be extended if required). Vidalux have been at the forefront of the shower industry for 15 years, so you can rest assured that they will still be in business if you ever need to call on their help.

Key Features and Benefits of the Vidalux Sensual Spas Miami 1050 Steam Shower

One of the reasons why the Sensual Spas Miami 1050 is particularly suitable as a bath replacement is that it comes with a paddle tub. Adults can use this to add an extra element to their steam or shower experience and it comes in particularly handy in homes where the bathroom ends up being used by very different people with very different needs, for example adults, young children and older people who either live in the house or come to visit. Adults without young children may see the paddle tub as a nice extra, while those with young children will appreciate having an extra option when it comes to getting them clean. Older people, meanwhile, will find the relatively low step into the paddle tub much easier than getting in and out of a standard bath.

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Having said that, the Sensual Spas Miami 1050 is advertised as a shower, in fact it is two showers in one. Up in the roof enclosure, there is a monsoon shower head, which lets users live out their fantasies of being in a warm, tropical rainshower. Add some scent with your favourite shower products, you can put them on the glass shelf to keep them off the floor and ready to hand. Alternatively, you can use the hand shower, which has a metallic finish for a chic look and is on a riser so that it can be easily adjusted to the height of the user. Even though this is the accessory shower in the Sensual Spas Miami 1050, it is very much a quality shower in its own right, at least the equal of many wall-mounted showers. It has three settings, which range from an “I mean business” blast to an “I was out last night” mist. The hand shower is perfect for when you really need to move quickly or when a full monsoon shower is just too much, for example if you just need to wash off a hair mask. It’s also great for giving muddy pets a quick clean.

Whichever shower you use, you’re sure to be delivered water at exactly the temperature you want since both showers are thermostatically controlled using a thermostatic cartridge with a Vernet wax element. This is a must for powerful showers such as these, since it prevents users from being subjected to a flood of ice-cold or scalding-hot water. It also removes the hassle of trying to set a temperature manually just after you’ve lathered up your shampoo.

While you’re showering, enjoy a massage from the three hydrotherapy jets located along the central column. These are all multi-spray jets, which are a vast improvement on the single-spray equivalent. You can use them while standing or while sitting on the integrated seat, which has been moulded into the Sensual Spas Miami 1050 in such a way as to feel secure in use without intruding into the space in the paddle tub.

Right at the base of the central column, there is the outlet for the 2.8KW steam generator, which produces steam in double-quick time. It contains a capsule for you to add your own favourite fragrance to your steam. There are plenty of ready-made blends available in shops, which help to inspire a specific mood, alternatively, you could have fun experimenting with essential oils. Lemon will help get you moving in the morning and lavender can help you unwind after a long day, alternatively choose something more exotic, like ylang ylang, when you’re in the mood for a little pampering.

Speaking of pampering, the control panel (which is safely located at the top of the central column, nicely out of reach of little hands), gives access to entertainment options to enhance your showering experience even further. The roof enclosure contains a group of chromotherapy lights, which can be left to scroll through their colour range or set on whichever colour you prefer on that day. While these can be (and often are) used just for fun, they can also be put to a serious purpose. Colours can have a huge influence on our mood, which is why commercial organizations are so careful about how they use them.

The roof enclosure also contains a high-quality speaker, which is quite capable of providing clear audio even when the shower is being used to the max. That’s because the Sensual Spas Miami 1050 has an integrated FM radio and Bluetooth. FM was chosen over DAB due to the fact that it still has better overall reception and lower energy requirements. This is why it is expected that FM will still be broadcast in the UK for many years to come. The Bluetooth function allows you to pair the Sensual Spas Miami 1050 with your own smartphone or tablet to access your favourite playlists or to use your home WiFi to access even more content on the net.

You can breath easily when enjoying your shower or steam session (actually steam’s great for the respiratory system, especially if you add some menthol oil) because the Sensual Spas Miami 1050 is completely self-contained and hence all the water and steam stays within its glass-panelled walls and well away from your expensive device. This has the added bonus that the Sensual Spas Miami 1050 can be placed adjacent to walls without them needing to be tiled, which saves both hassle and expense. Once you’re finished, turn on the extractor fan to clear away any remaining steam and then set the ozone cleaning function to clean the shower while you’re drying. It saves you time and energy and ensures that your shower really is as clean as it looks.

Technical Details Of The Vidalux Sensual Spas Miami 1050 Steam Shower

Water-pressure requirements

The Sensual Spas Miami 1050 shower is designed to function at its best when water pressure is between 2 and 3 Bar. The pressure must never drop below 1 Bar (it will continue to operate below 2 Bar although the shower’s functionality is likely to be noticeably reduced) and must certainly never exceed 3 Bar as this is very likely to cause damage, which will be excluded from the scope of the warranty. Most modern household water systems are mains fed and will be able to cope with this without any problems, but gravity-fed systems may require a pump to be installed. Mains fed systems could benefit from having a pressure-reducing valve fitted. In hard water areas it is very much recommended to fit a water softener to prevent limescale damage as this is excluded from the warranty. The minimum flow rate is 7.5 litres per minute.

A qualified electrician must connect the Sensual Spas Miami 1050 to the mains for the warranty on electrical components to be valid. This is also likely to be a requirement of the home owner’s insurance and possibly also of the law.

Due to its size, the Sensual Spas Miami 1050 will be delivered in several boxes. One of these boxes will contain an installation manual, which includes a checklist of the various items which have been included. The home owner should confirm that the contents of the boxes is as stated on the list and contact Vidalux if any items are missing or damaged. Provided that this is done within 48 hours of receipt and before starting to assemble the shower, Vidalux will be happy to provide replacements (if necessary). The manual also contains a sheet with details of the installation which will need to be completed and submitted to activate the warranty. Home owners are strongly advised to retain this and ideally to scan it and keep an electronic copy as a back up.

The shower will come with all the hardware needed to assemble it, the home owner will simply require a standard set of DIY tools plus flexible, braided hoses and isolation valves. The home owner will also need to make sure that they purchase sanitary silicone rather than the standard variety as the former is anti-bacterial and therefore safe to use around water, whereas the latter can harbour dangerous bacteria.

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Assembling the Sensual Spas Miami 1050 definitely requires two people, although only one of these people needs DIY skills. When putting the shower together, it’s recommended to leave the fittings slightly loose to begin with, this makes it easier to line up pieces and also easier to move them if you discover you’ve made a mistake. If you’re not used to tackling jobs of this size, you may wish to do a “dry run” without applying the silicone to see how you get on. Then, if need be, you can take the shower apart again and call in a trades person.

The Miami 1050 is certainly no shrinking violet – This big and bold offering from Vidalux certainly looks the part, but how does this steam shower and its features fair in our full review? – Read more

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