The Sensual Spas Pure E range of shower cabins by Vidalux are the perfect, value-for-money choice for people who want a simple, hassle-free shower installation for a shower cabin compatible with an electric shower. Available in 800 x 800, 900 x 900, 1000 x 1000 or 1200 x 900 (this last in left- and right-handed versions), the Sensual Spas Pure E range then has a model suitable for any size of bathroom, from the smallest en suite to the largest family bathroom. Even though Pure E range might be considered the simplest showers in the Sensual Spas range due to its many options and they are still more than capable of functioning as the main shower in a home, even without a bath due their versatility.

The options available on the Pure E Range at present are a cabin with blank centre column to house your own electric shower choice or you can choose from 3 or 4 of the preselected electric showers for the cabin chosen by Vidalux to match in both style and sizing.

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As well as fitting into any size of bathroom, the Sensual Spas Pure E range will also fit into any style of decoration. The colour scheme has deliberately been kept neutral with front panels in clear glass and rear panels in either crisp white or ocean mirror glass. Because of this, it will fit into any colour palette and adapt to changes. If you do decide you want to jazz up your shower for a touch of fun, there are plenty of glass decorations you can add and remove according to your taste. Likewise, the restrained, classic, styling will fit right in to any style of bathroom, from vintage chic to modern and minimalist.

Even though the Sensual Spas Pure E range are the most affordable showers offered by Vidalux, they have still been manufactured to the same, demanding standards. The glass panels are made of robust safety glass to avoid issues with splintering and chipping, with the doors on quick-release runners, to ensure comfortable and safe use. The base is made of reinforced acrylic over a steel frame and on top of adjustable feet for maximum stability. Acrylic is an excellent choice for high-quality shower bases since it is not only very resistant to stains and scratches, but it also stays at a consistent temperature, so feet are safe from being either burned or frozen. There is also a (safety) glass shelf to keep your showering necessities off the floor and ready to hand. Vidalux backs its manufacturing standards with a two-year warranty, which can be extended to five years should the purchaser so require. Vidalux has been a leading figure in the shower industry for the last 15 years, so you can be confident that they will be there in the future if you need them.

If you’re looking to add an extra touch of comfort and safety, you can upgrade your shower with some seating. Vidalux offers either a flip-down “cabin-style” stool or a free-standing stool as affordable upgrades. The cabin stool is sturdy enough to support grown adults, but takes up no space at all when tucked away in the “up” position. The free-standing stool is optimized for use in a wet environment and so, for example, it has a synthetic wood seat (to avoid issues with rotting and splintering) and rust-proof metallic legs. Speaking of legs, the low step into the shower cabin is much more appealing to older people and those with restricted mobility than clambering in and out of a standard bath, plus the flooring is designed to offer sufficient grip without being rough on feet.

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You can purchase the Sensual Spas Pure E range as blank shower cabins in which to fit your own choice of shower (of a maximum width of 19cm). Alternatively, it may make sense both financially and in terms of convenience, for you to purchase the shower along with the cabin itself. Sensual Spas has two options for these shower cabins and both are of a very high standard in keeping with the cabin itself. There is an 8.5KW model and a 9.5KW model. The former is slightly more economical to run, while the latter offers the option of having a more powerful water flow. The showers are available in white and gunmetal, which are both neutral colour and are therefore easily adaptable to all kinds of situations and all options come from leading manufacturers in electric showers to match the quality of the cabin.

Installing a Pure E shower cabin is a very simple job. First of all, the cabin can be placed next to any wall without the need to tile it first. This immediately saves time, money and hassle. Over the long term, self-contained shower cabins like the Pure E range can actually save on bathroom maintenance, because they ensure that all the water stays inside the cabin without any of the leakage which is a common factor in standard, wall-mounted showers.

Each shower in the Pure E range comes with a full, step-by-step installation guide, which can be followed by anyone with a bit of practice a DIY. The tools required are standard DIY tools, the only really important points to note is that for hygiene purposes, it is crucial to use proper sanitary silicone rather than the standard sort and that the shower needs flexible, braided hoses of the sort used to attach kitchen appliances rather than fixed piping of the sort used for central heating. It is very advisable to have a helper for the job as an extra pair of hands. If you prefer to delegate installation of your shower, it’s generally very straightforward to find a tradesperson to install it for you.

In short, the Pure E range of shower cabins is a great option for anyone looking for a high-impact, low-hassle solution. The fact that the Pure E shower cabins can be installed without the need for tiling is a huge advantage to anyone looking to update a bathroom with minimal cost and inconvenience. The robust nature of self-contained shower cabins means that they are particularly suitable for situations where people really prefer to avoid the need to check and fix leaks (and their consequences) on a regular basis, whether that’s working parents taking care of the family bathroom, younger people with a hectic work schedule, older people who are looking to minimize the time they need to spend taking care of their home or even landlords, who want to keep tenants happy without making extra work for themselves.

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The Pure Electric range of shower from Vidalux are an easy to install and tailored solution for anyone requiring a shower cabin in conjunction to an electric shower fitted within – Here we review these popular, cost-saving shower cabins

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