The Sensual Spas Pure range by Vidalux, provides an affordable way to add a touch of luxury to any bathroom. The showers come in 4 sizes: 800x800, 900x900, 1000x1000 and 1200x800. This last size is available in both left- and right-hand models. While the more compact models are obvious candidates for an en-suite, they are more than robust enough to stand up to use as the main shower in a family bathroom, even when the bath has been removed. This can be a great solution for families facing the ever-present problem of finding sufficient storage as it frees up floor space for additional storage units. The larger models are, obviously, more spacious and hence can feel a bit more luxurious, if you have the space for them.

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All of the showers in the Pure range have the same visual aesthetic. The look is one of timeless elegance, which means that these investment pieces will integrate with any style of bathroom and any colour scheme and, of course, will adapt to changes. The Pure range has clear front panels and the rear panels are available in a choice of crisp white and ocean mirror glass, but if you want to go for a more colourful look, there are plenty of removable glass decals you can add for as long as you wish and then change when you’re ready.

The Sensual Spas Pure range is built to last as well as to look good. The glass panels are safety glass so they can stand up to the odd knock without splintering, plus the doors are on quick-release runners for ease of opening and closing. The base is reinforced acrylic supported by a steel frame and on adjustable feet for maximum stability. Acrylic is a great choice for shower bases, because it is resistant to stains and scratches and stays warm to the touch, never getting too hot or too cold. In short, the Sensual Spas Pure range is safe for users of a wide variety of ages, sizes and weights.

Self-contained shower cabins such as those in the Sensual Spas Pure range are also easier to install than regular wall-mounted showers because they can be sited adjacent to any wall without the need for tiling. This not only makes it possible to save time and money prior to the installation, but also makes for easier cleaning and maintenance, plus it puts a stop to the problem of leakage, which can be a major issue with wall-mounted showers.

As a company which has been a leading name in the shower industry for 15 years, Vidalux backs its build quality with a two-year warranty (upon registration) and this can be extended upon request.

Key Features and Benefits of the Sensual Spas Pure Range Shower Cabin

The Sensual Spas Pure range has two stand-out features. The first is the monsoon shower head and the second is the hydrotherapy jets. The monsoon shower head brings a whole new level of luxury to the showering experience. The shower user is cocooned in warm water just as though they were in a warm, tropical rainstorm, or taking a bath standing up. Add in the three hydrotherapy jets and you have all the benefits of hydromassage as well and all the more so because these are multispray jets which are significantly more efficient than the single spray variety. The hydrotherapy jets have been strategically positioned to be effective regardless of whether the user is standing or seated. The Sensual Spas Pure range can accommodate either a flip-down stool or a free-standing stool for extra comfort. In principle, users can choose their own seating, however seating for use in a shower obviously needs to be suitable for a wet environment, which is why Vidalux offers two appropriate stools as optional upgrades. The flip-down stool is robust in use, but keeps space in the cabin free, when in the upright position. The free-standing stool can, of course, be moved in and out of the cabin and when not in use in the shower, it can provide helpful extra seating in the bathroom or, indeed anywhere else in the house.

In addition to the monsoon shower, there is also a convenient hand shower, which is on a riser so it can be adjusted to suit the height of any user. It has a metallic finish for an extra touch of elegance, but it’s far more than a pretty afterthought. In fact, it has the same sort of power that you’d expect from a standard, wall-mounted shower and offers three levels of power from a powerful jet to blow the morning cobwebs away, to a gentle mist for when you’re feeling more fragile, via a standard spray. This means that as well as being useful for giving the cabin a quick clean, it can also be handy for when you just want a quick wash of for users for whom the monsoon shower is a bit too powerful, such as younger children or pets.

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Both showers are thermostatically controlled, via a thermostatic cartridge with Vernet wax element. This is important for safety as well as comfort since both showers can be very powerful and so it’s vital that users can be confident that they will be spared a drenching in ice-cold or scalding-hot water.

Similar comments apply to the (safety) glass storage shelf. By keeping shower products off the floor, it eliminates a tripping hazard and it is also convenient to have all your showering necessities ready to hand.

Summary Of The Vidalux Sensual Spas Pure Range Of Hydro Shower

The Sensual Spas Pure range offers a way to upgrade and update any bathroom in a straightforward and affordable manner. The monsoon shower on its own is a significant improvement on standard, wall-mounted showers (and way in advance of over-bath showers), while the hydrotherapy jets provide meaningful health and wellness benefits to all users, especially those who suffer from tension in the back area, which, in these days of computer monitors, is probably a lot of people. The absence of steam and extra entertainment functions means not only that the Sensual Spas Pure range can be offered at a very budget-friendly price point, but also that it will appeal to people who see a shower primarily as a functional appliance rather than a relaxation centre and who are reluctant to pay extra for “bells and whistles”, which they, personally, feel are more than they need or want. Because of this, the Sensual Spas Pure range may be a very suitable option for older people who have been used to taking baths (or at least having access to one) and are now looking to downsize to a smaller, “empty nest” home and/or are starting to find it more difficult to clamber in and out of a standard bath. Even when there is space in a bathroom for assistance devices, the fact still remains that showers have numerous advantages in terms of using space effectively, convenience of access and safety in use (as the water drains away automatically, the danger of drowning is completely eliminated). Add one of the seating options and an older user can enjoy the “bath like” experience of the monsoon shower plus the pleasurable stimulus of the hydrotherapy jets in a completely safe environment (and all the more so due to the thermostatic control). The Sensual Spas Pure range is also an excellent choice for landlords, who want to offer something a little out of the ordinary to attract tenants, without spending too much on it.

Technical Details - Vidalux Sensual Spas Pure Range

Water-pressure requirements

When using the Sensual Spas Pure range, the pressure must never be allowed to fall below 1 Bar (it will continue to operate below 2 Bar although the shower’s functionality is likely to be noticeably impaired) and must certainly never rise above 3 Bar as this is very likely to cause damage, which will be outside the scope of the warranty. These days, most household water systems are mains fed and will be more than capable of meeting the minimum requirements, but gravity-fed systems may require a pump to be installed. Mains fed systems may benefit from having a pressure-reducing valve fitted. In hard water areas it is strongly recommended to fit a water softener as limescale damage is outside the scope of the warranty. The minimum flow rate is 7.5 litres per minute.

A qualified electrician must connect the Sensual Spas Pure range to the mains for the warranty on electrical components to be valid. This is also likely to be a requirement of the home owner’s insurance and possibly also of the law.

Due to its size, the Sensual Spas Pure range will be delivered in several boxes. One of these boxes will contain an installation manual, this includes a checklist of the included items. The home owner should confirm that the contents of the boxes is as stated on the list and contact Vidalux in the unlikely event that any items are missing or damaged. Provided that this is done within 48 hours of delivery and before starting to assemble the shower, Vidalux will be happy to provide replacements. The manual also contains a sheet with details of the installation which will need to be completed and submitted to activate the warranty. Home owners are strongly advised to retain this and ideally to keep a scanned copy as a backup.

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The Sensual Spas Pure range comes with a clear installation guide which details the tools and materials required to assemble the shower (essentially a standard household tool kit plus sanitary silicone, isolation valves and flexible, braided hoses). Installing a shower from the Sensual Spas Pure range should be well within the capabilities of an experienced DIYer, although they will need a second person as an extra pair of hands. Alternatively, it should be very straightforward to find a tradesperson to assemble the shower for you.

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