What is a steam shower cabinet?

A steam shower cabinet is similar to a cubicle in that it is an enclosed area that houses steam wherein one more people can stay to cleanse and relax themselves.

RED (2 of 8)Can The Steam Room and Shower Room Be Used at the Same Time?

Definitely. Both are in distinct rooms and each has its own door and knob. Typically, people enjoy the steam and then transfer to the other room to cool off. However, if needed be, one can be run alongside the other.

Does the Cabinet Need to Be Joined to the Wall?

These days, it isn’t a requirement. Advancements in technology have allowed steam shower cabinets to be manufactured lightweight yet sturdy. It can be safely placed anywhere in the bathroom or outdoors without needing support of any kind.

Can you Only Stand in the Showers?

We understand that advertisements mostly propagate people standing inside the showers. It is but normal because that’s the normal posture we have when we shower. Still, that’s not the only position you can endure in the steam shower cabinet. You’ll be staying in it for more than 15 minutes and it’s understandable if you prefer sitting. Some cabins actually have fixed seats inside for this very reason. One is able to enjoy the steam session better when the entire body and its muscles are fully relaxed.

Why Buy a Steam Shower Cabinet?

Steam is a great combatant against toxins. With continued exposure to it, one grows healthier in the long run. Specifically, steam promotes better blood flow as the warm temperature relaxes the body and allows the heart to pump more blood.

steam-shower-homeSteam is also a great way to medium to cleanse the body. As it is water in vapor form, it is able to engulf the body more fully and can even seep into our pores. The skin is cleansed a lot more thoroughly of any microorganisms and bacteria that may be lurking in its depths.

Steam also offers benefits to the mental health of the users. The relaxing environment inside the steam shower cabinet coupled with the steam’s gentle caress really helps clear one’s mind. Stress is relieved immensely by steam. People who are constantly pressured are instantly rejuvenated and are compelled to stay even longer.

Is there a Time Limit for Steam Shower Use?

Of course. As with all endeavors, moderation needs to be practiced. Prolonged contact with steam is dangerous as the skin becomes too soft and dry. It can easily crack in that condition. For best results, steam sessions of fifteen to twenty minutes are advised.

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