As an owner of a swimming pool, it comes with many responsibilities that go far beyond just making sure the water chemistry is balanced and the pool is ready to swim in. Ultimately, a swimming pool in your back yard can be a source of fun and exercise for the whole family, with the addition of your relatives and friends. Entertaining friends and family with barbecues, pool parties definitely increase during the summer time but above all else, the most important feature that is necessary for swimming pools is ensuring everyone’s safety! Safety begins with YOU!



Every adult’s sole job is to supervise all those in the swimming pool. This is even more important when it is a party for children or teenagers. There are a variety of safety features that we will discuss in this post but none of them are as important as your eyes and recognizing when someone might be in trouble. Depending on how many people are swimming in the pool, the more individuals you have watched, the better.



Next, it is extremely important to enclose the swimming pool with a pool fence. This is for the safety of your kids and other kids in the neighborhood. You can never foresee what your neighbor’s kids could think of and if your swimming pool is in an unprotected area, it could happen that somebody who cannot swim falls into the pool. That means even with a fence, you will want to make sure that you lock and secure your back gate too. There have been too many instances where back gates have been left open and individuals find themselves in the swimming pool. Depending on your area, this could be your responsibility so make sure to close and lock all entries to your backyard. Regulations for pool fences are different from city to city and state to state but if you have a swimming pool, you should have a pool fence no matter what the law is.


If you have a fence installed this should take any worry you have about someone falling into the swimming pool even if they enter into the backyard. Lastly, pool alarms are another way to ensure pool safety. Knowing that children and pool water go well together, why not install an alarm? Pool alarms can be installed on doors and windows leading to the pool area or the surface of the pool water which will detect motion in the water. They are relatively inexpensive and can definitely take the worry away from you and keep your children safe.

Pool safety should never be taken lightly, From supervision, to fences, and to alarms they are all vital in preventing accidents. Learning CRP, making sure children and individuals aren’t running around the pool all make your swimming pool experience better and diminish the chances of accidents from occurring.

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