Whirlpool Baths: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

The bathroom has transformed from being the smallest, and often most unloved, room in the house, to being a private health and wellness centre.  This has been made possible by the fact that really posh facilities which were once only really practical in gyms and spas are now available at a size and price which is realistic for the average home.  The popularity of whirlpool baths (often known as Jacuzzis) is one example of this.  They combine the therapeutic powers of hot water with air jets, which provide a gentle or invigorating massage as well as the delights of a regular soak. Although whirlpool baths actually have surprisingly low running costs, if you are considering purchasing one their initial purchase price can mean that they are very much investment pieces, so it is important to put in a little thought before making such a key purchase.  Here are the points you need to consider.
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